Bonus Post: Chocolate Peeps (and everything else…)

The Toasted Cake podcast has done it again! Great flash fiction is a given, but Tina Connolly has once again included a fast easy recipe at the end of the podcast…in which she makes messy chocolate peep blobs and ends up coating half the the stuff in her pantry with chocolate. LOL Fun for Easter or anytime. 😉

Check it out: Glass Future (flash fiction) and chocolate peeps.

Bonus Post: Fresh Fruit Crumble and Flash Fiction

A bonus post from me this week. I just heard this short podcast and had to share. This week’s Toasted Cake flash fiction podcast from Tina Connolly is a “must”! Besides a delightful “mom-and-robot” flash fiction story, there’s a fast, very easy, fruit crumble recipe! It’s made with soft summer fruits in the toaster oven, described as only Tina Connolly can. 🙂 Check it out!