Meet The Cooks

The Usual Suspects are….

Nancis aka Quidi Vidi Vegan, college instructor, university student, eater of vegan food.

Being a vegan is not easy in this food-obsessed world.  Where I come from vegan restaurants are few and far between and it is difficult to find vegan ingredients in the supermarkets.  With the help of a few books and some Internet searches, however, the transition from meat-eater to plant-eater wasn’t hard.  I still cook lovely delicious meals – including desserts – and vegans and non-vegans alike enjoy the food.  All the recipes I will write about here will be vegan and I will try to give brand names where I can to make it easier for you to shop for items you are not familiar with.  If you are interested in all things vegan, you can follow me on my Quidi Vidi Vegan Facebook page or my book review blog, Gobshites and Eejits.

Ainy Rainwater, aka “Gymshoes”, Author and musician. Houston, TX

I’m not a vegetarian, but I cook and eat like one most of the time. The primary reason I’ve made changes to my diet is because I want to eat good food that’s healthier — though I stopped eating seafood long before that for personal and ecological reasons. You really can’t eat shrimp if you’ve hand fed shrimp in your aquarium. Then I gave up fish for ecological reasons: there really aren’t enough fish in the sea any more. 😦 I’ve gradually been cutting back on the amount of other meat I eat over the past couple of years. I love to cook so I’ve been enjoying the expanded possibilities of vegetarian cuisine. If you think vegetarians just eat rabbit food, you’re in for a surprise! In addition to writing about vegetarian food here, my official author website is A Truant Disposition and my music website is Gymshoes Music. You can find my music on iTunes and other online stores and my books in the Kindle and Nook stores, as well as other digital bookstores.

Tree Diva, admin, Houston, TX

I’m “Tree Diva”. I’ve invited my friends to join this blog and write about good vegetarian and vegan food. I occasionally blog short things elsewhere. I’ll be your friendly neighborhood admin and moderator here. Play nice. 🙂