Three Loaves: A simple delicious idea!

This is a bit different from my usual posts… and it’s one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve ever heard. Have you heard of the Three Loaves Movement? Bread. Lots of loaves of every sort of bread you can imagine.

I found out about this from the most recent issue of Vegetarian Times. Jerry Stone founded the Three Loaves Movement to help fight hunger by making it simple, personal, and enjoyable. The idea is simple: you bake 3 loaves of bread, then you keep one loaf for yourself, you give one loaf to a friend, and give one loaf to a needy person. You can sign up for Three Loaves and you’ll get a bread recipe every month that makes three loaves. Some recipes are for breads that are recognizably sandwich bread, others are sweet breads, some are savory…the recipes (at least the ones I’ve been able to track down) are a mixture of vegan and vegetarian. Stone has a food blog, Cooking Stoned (a play on his name), which is a vegetarian blog, but oddly, doesn’t have an archive of Three Loaves recipes on it — only three recipes, and no links to Three Loaves recipes which were published on other blogs. 😦

If you want to join the Three Loaves Movement, sign up at: And be sure and scroll down to look at variety of loaves posted to Instagram! Oh yum! 

This month’s recipe — the first since I signed up — has already been sent out, but once you confirm your email address, you’ll get a new recipe starting next month. In the meantime, you can go ahead and start baking with this month’s recipe: Vegan Multigrain Sandwich Bread.

I have two notes on this recipe. I’ve seen some of the other recipes and most use ingredients that most people already have on hand. I think this recipe’s author is a bit too optimistic to assume that most people will have these ingredient already on hand, or that they can just pop into the local grocery store and get them. But don’t let that put you off from joining Three Loaves! There are other recipes the project has used that are much more mainstream! And yes, I’m going to give you a link below!

The second note is about the amount of sweetener in this recipe. I would caution you about making the suggested substitutions because the author did not adjust the amount of sweetener or even note that the amount would need to be adjusted. Honey is significantly sweeter than sugar —you will always need less honey than sugar for the same effect — but I don’t know where agave syrup falls on the sweetness per volume scale. ?? So be wary of substituting honey or sugar for the agave syrup, unless you know how much to adjust the amount.

Now for the other recipes…I’ve been doing some internet sleuthing off and on since discovering Three Loaves and waiting impatiently for my first recipe to hit my inbox. So far I’ve found four more Three Loaves recipes, in addition to the three recipes on Jerry Stone’s food blog, and this month’s recipe. I’ve made a “3 loaves” tag on my Delicious bookmarking account, so you can browse all the links to Three Loaves recipes I’ve bookmarked. So far I’ve found: Blueberry and Thyme Bread, Ginger and Cardamom Bread, Dilly Buttermilk Sourdough Bread, Spice-swirled Cranberry Sweet Potato Bread, Sticky Caramel-Pecan Babka Loaves, Honey Wheat Brown Bread, and Cheesy Garlic Bread Challah, in addition to this month’s Vegan Multigrain Sandwich Bread.

I will bookmark more as I find them. If you have any links to a Three Loaves recipe (not just a recipe that makes 3 loaves, but one distributed by the Three Loaves Movement) that’s not in my bookmarks, please drop it in the comments and I’ll add it!

Now, let’s get baking! For ourselves, for our friends, and for those who really need some nice warm home-baked kindness!

4 thoughts on “Three Loaves: A simple delicious idea!

  1. Hi, Ainy! My name is Renée and I’m the author of this month’s Three Loaves recipe on Thank you for writing about Three Loaves, today! It’s a great movement and deserving of the attention it’s getting.

    I just wanted to quickly address your notes about my recipe for Vegan Multigrain Sandwich Bread. First, if you’re an active bread baker, as many in the Three Loaves group already are, then you probably have items such as white whole wheat flour and vital wheat gluten in your pantry. If not, they really are readily available in the baking aisle of larger grocery stores such as Publix, Winn-Dixie (large chain grocery stores I’m familiar with in the Southeast US), and Whole Foods. Brands include King Arthur, Bob’s Red Mill, and Anson Mills. Grains such as hemp seed hearts and flax seed meal are more mainstream these days, and can also easily be found (in addition to the stores mentioned above) at Trader Joe’s and even Costco. If you’re not in the mood to pop out to the store, and you can wait a few days for delivery, all of these items are also readily available on King Arthur Flour’s website, or Amazon.

    Regarding the sweetener substitutions, I made no mention of quantity adjustments, because no adjustments are necessary. While honey and agave nectar are generally considered sweeter than sugar, the amount called for in this recipe is pretty small (4 Tbs = 1/4 cup, to put it in perspective), considering that the recipe makes 3 rather large loaves of bread. There is very little detectable sweetness in the finished bread, no matter which sweetener you use. I only mentioned honey and sugar as alternatives for people who may have objections to using agave nectar. Using honey, however, would render the recipe vegetarian as opposed to strictly vegan.

    Thank you for allowing me to make these clarifications here, and again, thank you for writing about Three Loaves!

    • Thank you so much for replying to the post & making clarifications. I love baking bread and am looking forward to making your recipe. (The hemp seed hearts are what will be tricky to track down. Thanks again!)

      • Ainy, if you can’t locate the hemp seed hearts (they should be located near the flax seed meal and chia seeds in the store), just omit them. They do add a nice texture to the bread, though. 🙂

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