PsycheDillic & Sgt. Pepper

PsychoDillic & Sgt. Pepper

PsycheDillic & Sgt. Pepper

I scored more Cypress Grove chevre recently! Their cheeses use non-animal rennet, a boon for vegetarians who have a big cheese habit. (I am a mouse.) 😉 I have previously written about their Purple Haze and Truffle Tremor (with passing mention of Humboldt Fog, also good) and am always on the lookout for flavors I haven’t yet tried. I’m basically working my way through all their cheeses (not all of which are soft cheeses, by the way).

This time I got PsycheDillic and Sgt. Pepper. The PsycheDillic was a bit of a letdown in that it seemed to only have a light coating of dill on the outside, not dill throughout. The flavor was good and creamy, but not as psycho or as dilly as I had expected. The light mild flavor goes well with a crisp white wine. A good choice for summer. 🙂

…And what would summer be (at least in Texas) without peppers! The Sgt. Pepper appeared to have tiny threads of red pepper throughout. (I say appears because I sort of smeared it everywhere.) The cheese has a slight orangy tint to it which backs this up. The flavor is spicy, but I wouldn’t call it hot. Pleasantly spicy and delicious, but not something that will make your eyes water. If you want a cheese that will light you up, this isn’t it. If you want a spicy flavorful cheese that will enhance the flavor of food without overwhelming it, this is the cheese. It’s an excellent choice for a party with guests that vary between chili-heads and people who don’t like hot stuff. It’s mild enough that no one is likely to complain of the heat, but has such a terrific flavor that even chili heads will be charmed.

I fear that I didn’t do the mild PsycheDillic any favors by buying it in conjunction with the show-off Sgt. Pepper, but both cheeses are ones I will buy again any time I can find them. Paired with a crisp, light, bright, white wine the PsycheDillic shines, so it will feature prominently in my summer plans and Sgt. Pepper is a wonderful change from spicy hard cheeses; pairing the peppers with chevre gives a whole new flavor to the concept of spicy cheeses.  Check out all Cypress Groves cheeses on their website!


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