Yummy (and not-so-yummy) Post Revisions

This is a Good News-Bad News post. The good news is that I’ve been continually revising one of my popular recipes with variations, and the bad news is that I have tried (and tried!) a different no-cook lasagna noodle which has not worked out well. We’ll start with that.

Here’s my lasagna recipe. It’s good —and can be made with an assortment of traditional and flavored lasagna noodles — but after acknowledging the controversy associated with the Barilla company, I have been trying to find a lasagna noodle that, like Barilla’s oven-ready instant noodle, doesn’t have to be pre-boiled before assembling the lasagna. I stumbled onto Delverde Instant Lasagna Noodles. Unlike the oven ready Barilla noodles, these lasagna noodles need to be soaked in warm water before being used. But that, in itself, isn’t an objection. My objection is that try as I might (and I’ve lost count of how many batches I’ve made using Delverde Instant Lasagna) I cannot get my lasagna to come out right. It’s always too wet. I have tried increasing both the oven temperature and the baking time, but the whole thing is still too wet for me. I know some people make very wet soggy lasagna and don’t have a problem with that. You like what you know best. But the water absorbed by pre-soaking, even briefly, is, apparently, too much. I’ve been tempted to try not presoaking it, but haven’t because if it fails, there goes supper! 😉 Your lasagna assembly and cooking technique may be sufficiently different from mine (see Lasagna post) to make the Delverde Instant Lasagna work, or your preferences may be different, but I honestly can’t recommend it based on all the times I’ve used it in the past several months. (Oh, I’m so sick of soggy lasagna now…I’ve eaten more disappointing lasagna recently than I typically eat good lasagna in a year. Test Kitchen Burnout.)

Now on to happier news. A lot of you liked my post this winter on Luscious Oatmeal. (I don’t just mean liked here, but also elsewhere.) If you liked it then, you’ll love it now! I’ve been quietly updating and experimenting with flavors and spices…and updating the post as I go! So, if you haven’t looked at the post since I first posted it, you’re in for a treat because it’s been extensively revised. The original focused on the addition of nutmeg, but since then I’ve tried more fruit flavors and more spices. You would not believe the fun I’ve been having with this! (Oh, wait, you’re reading this blog, you probably would believe it.) 😉 As winter segues into Spring (!!) I’m still wolfing down this creamy delicious “winter” meal. I don’t think I’m going to be able to give up my hot breakfast for summer. 😀 Bookmark  Luscious Oatmeal and check it periodically. I will continue to revise it and add flavor combinations as I discover them. Recently added: pomegranate and cardamon, apricot and ginger, allspice and black cherry. Make breakfast not only fast, and easy, but natural, nutritious, and delicious! 😀


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