Sesame Linguini with a hint of spice and orange

Sesame Linguini with a hint of spice and orange

Sesame Linguini with a hint of spice and orange

I love experimenting with flavored pastas. For this recipe I used Al Dente’s Sesame Linguini. I’ve been tweaking this recipe a bit and think I’ve now got it just right.The flavor of the sesame linguini is reinforced by the use of sesame oil, which is complemented by the small amount of jalapeno oil which adds just a tiny hint of spiciness and the splash of orange juice gives it just a hint of citrusy sweetness, but not enough to actually be sweet. All in all, it’s an interesting and satisfying flavor combination.

This is purely a pasta-n-protein dish. Adding veggies changes the balance of the flavor, so veggies should be on the side, in another dish, or in a salad. The oils are used for seasoning, but double as a medium for lightly browning the mock chicken strips.

  • Al Dente Sesame Linguini
  • Simple Truth Meatless Griller Strips (or other similar chicken substitute)
  • Sesame oil
  • Boyajian Jalapeno oil
  • A splash of orange juice

The pasta takes 3 minutes to cook, so the thing that takes the longest is getting a big pot of water to a boil.So start the water for the pasta first. The rest of this takes very little time and will be done by the time the water has boiled (if not before).

Mix approximately equal amounts of the the sesame and jalapeno oil in a pan or skillet, swish around to blend. The total amount depends on how many of the strips you are cooking up and the size of the pan. I use probably more oil than necessary just to cook the strips, but my reasoning is this: the oil is seasoning and when the strips are tossed with the linguini, the oil acts as a light dressing for the pasta.

Heat oil to med-low or medium at the highest. These oils aren’t meant for frying, so they are better at lower temps. You can still lightly brown the protein strips on a medium heat. Add more than enough of the mock chicken strips to cover the bottom of the pan; you will be stir-frying and moving it around quite a bit so all pieces get a chance to heat and color up a bit. The pieces have a tendency to stick to the pan. When the pieces are starting to turn color a bit here and there and sticking to the pan, splash a small amount of orange juice into the pan and deglaze the pan with it. The juice will sizzle away quickly. When it has mostly cooked away, it’s done. It takes very little time to prepare the mock-chicken strips.

Serve over the sesame linguini, sprinkle with parmesan cheese if desired. (The picture with parmesan came out better than the picture without, but this tastes great without the addition of cheese.)


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