Wild Berry Bubbly! Cheers!



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Here’s a drink I came up with after New Year’s when I was experimenting with left-over bubbly.  It’s appropriately colored for Valentine’s Day, but has a bright fizzy flavor that will also be nice for a party in spring and summer.

The “tea” is an herbal blend, wonderfully sweet and tart. I have become enamored of it over the past year and make iced tea from it. Very refreshing! The “bubbly” is Barefoot’s sparkling moscato. This sweet citrusy Barefoot sparkling wine is what we get every year to celebrate New Year’s because it makes the best mimosas! (See Hair of the Dog Brunch.) This year a friend brought over a bottle of the pink sparkling moscato to go with our left-over white. The pink seems like it’s slightly sweeter than the white. I used the pink for the picture, but given the robust color of the tea, and the small amount of alcohol added to it, I’m not sure the pink bubbly contributed much to the overall color. This was bubbly two days dead, so yours may be more conspicuously fizzy.

  • Bigelow Wild Blueberry and Acai herbal tea
  • Barefoot Sparkling Moscato (White or Pink)

Make a big pot —or two — of the tea. Chill in the refrigerator until cold. Pour into champagne flutes or other festive glassware, filling three-fourths full. Top with the sparkling moscato. Basically I make this the way I make mimosas, only with the tea instead of orange juice. I always pour the non-fizzy liquid in first to moderate the amount of foaming. Also, adding the alcohol in the glass last (rather than mixing up a batch in a punch bowl) means that everyone can add the amount of alcohol they are most comfortable with. (Teetotalers can be tea-totalers because this tea tastes great cold without the addition of anything.)



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