Snacks for Super Sunday

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, it’s time to break out the snacks! We’ve now had just over a year of good food on the Usual Suspects blog and while most of our recipes aren’t finger food, we’ve got lots of interesting recipes to browse as you prepare to host a Super Bowl, or prepare to take food to a Super Bowl party.

First start with our snacks and appetizers tags. (There is some overlap with tags.) If you’re doing a tailgating or cookout thing, check out our cookout tag and also our picnic tag. If you want to make up a big slow cooker of chili and have DIY chili pie for everyone, check out the chili tag. Got a sweet tooth? There’s the dessert tag, which doesn’t include muffins or scones (not traditional Super Bowl fare, I know, but they’re finger food and yummy).

Did I forget anything? Yes, I probably did. So, you’ll just have to indulge yourself by giving the blog a thorough browse. 😉 Check out the sidebar: you can browse by author (click the author name), or by month, or select a category from a drop-down menu, or peruse the vast tag cloud for something that strikes your fancy.

I’ve really enjoyed writing for this blog the past year. I’ll be back next Friday with a new recipe! Follow us as we cook and write our way through another year of good food! 😀


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