Began the New Year with Truffle Tremor…

Later in the day after the Hair of the Dog brunch and the Hazelnut Scones, lingering and lounging with friends on New Year’s Day, I broke out a wedge of Cypress Grove’s Truffle Tremor for us to snack on. I’ve mentioned Cypress Grove’s Purple Haze before. All their cheeses use vegetarian rennet. I hadn’t had Truffle Tremor before but it was a very sumptuous scrumptious way to start the new year. It was delish! Sort of a salty earthy flavor, a soft white cheese with a white rind. I think it would be an excellent cheese to serve as an appetizer. The salty savory flavor made me think that it might be good alongside olives and other such savory tidbits. Unlike the Purple Haze which is almost addictive, Truffle Tremor was a cheese that I wanted to eat just a little of at a time. A cheese to be consumed slowly and savored. I folded a little bit of it — I didn’t have much left — into an omelet and the omelet was utter transformed. 🙂

(If you want to know more about the cheese, the link above takes you right to the page for Truffle Tremor on the Cypress Grove site.)


One thought on “Began the New Year with Truffle Tremor…

  1. Truffle Tremor is TRULY like CRACK!!! LOL!!! My wife says that I am addicted to it, And you know what….. I am!!! LOL!!!
    I really do find my-self waking up at 3am whenever it is in the house and wandering into the kitchen and eating half of a 1-pound wedge with an espresso spoon, than meander back to bed with a ear-to-ear grin on my face!!!

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