Updating posts and recipes on the blog

The day after Thanksgiving seem an appropriate time to catch up with some miscellaneous notes on earlier blog posts. Everyone is doubtless too stuffed to be looking for recipes anyway. 😉 I’ve added a few notes to some blog posts (and added a few more internal links). Also I want to say a few words on the Chobani yogurt recall which was a month or so ago. First the additional notes on posts. I’ve added these notes to the posts, but I wanted to put them here in one place for those regular blog readers who may be wondering…

…how did the experiment with using other types of summer fruit for the Big Green Monster turn out. Oh, boy. I tried mixed summer berries and also dewberries and though the flavor is fine, the color is disgusting. If you use blueberries, raspberries, dewberries, blackberries, etc, omit the spinach because the green will push the color of the drink close to grey Ugh!.

…And I didn’t know quite what to do about my Lasagna post which referenced lasagna noodles made by Barilla, who landed in hot water after anti-gay comments. Fortunately the recipe also references noodles made by other companies, but as far as I know Barilla is the only one who makes an oven-ready lasagna noodle that doesn’t have to be pre-boiled. I’m still trying to find an oven-ready, no-preboil lasagna noodle, but so far I’ve only found one I can’t recommend. If or when I find one I like I’ll add that option in a post revision. In the meantime, here’s what I finally decided to add to the existing post. “This was written before the Barilla’s controversial statements in 2013 and should not be construed as an endorsement of their corporate policies and attitudes.”

…in a less controversial revision, I’ve changed my preferred brand and flavor of liquid smoke for my BBQ Baked Beans. You may recall I referenced trendy woods used for smoking food. Well, Colgin makes liquid smoke from those trendy woods, so you don’t have to settle for hickory any more. (Though hickory is quite good in the recipe and is now my second favorite.) I’ve added a note to the post to reflect that Colgin liquid smoke comes in a number of different flavors: hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan. My favorite in the recipe is now mesquite. 😀

Finally, I’d like to say a very few words about the Chobani yogurt recall. I had some of the contaminated yogurt and before it became a news story, I’d thrown a few small containers of the yogurt out because the foil lids were obviously and alarmingly swelling, which was a clear indication that something was wrong. Then comes the news stories of people getting sick. I even know someone who (quite stupidly, but stubbornly) ate some of the yogurt in a swollen container, though he suffered no ill effects and indeed, reports are that the mico-organism was not harmful or likely to make people sick. I shouldn’t have to say this, but apparently People Are Idiots, or perhaps they were raised by wolves who didn’t tell their young cubs that you don’t eat anything that’s in a container that is obviously swollen or misshapen. Honestly, I knew this by the time I was school-age. It was common wisdom, common sense. No one had to tell me “don’t eat that” if something looked like there was something wrong with it. If it doesn’t look right or doesn’t smell right, don’t taste it, don’t eat it, throw it out.

I like Chobani yogurt. I eat it almost every day. They have a huge number of flavors, most of which taste great, and they are all natural. I’d rather throw out a small container of yogurt every once in a great while than have the preservatives (which, supposedly, would’ve prevented the recent problem). I’m not going to switch to an inferior brand just because Chobani had a brief temporary problem at one facility. Especially since their problem wasn’t my problem because I had enough sense not to eat yogurt from swollen containers prior to the problem being publicized.

I hope everyone had a good, happy Thanksgiving. Christmas recipes are coming up next! 😀


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