Soy Dog Pondering

My husband doesn’t like soy hotdogs, but I do. No, they don’t taste like beef hotdogs, but I can’t say that I really notice the taste of the meat in hotdogs anyway. Yes, I can tell the difference in taste between beef and soy dogs, but meat isn’t an important part of the hotdog flavor or the hotdog experience for me. (BTW, my choice for soy dogs are LightLife’s Smart Dogs.) Hotdogs aren’t really about the dogs. Most hotdogs are “dressed” so that the “dog” (and the bun for that matter) are just a means of conveying strong flavors. Classic hotdogs traditionally have mustard and relish. Some may have onion as well or ketchup. These are pretty basic dogs, but they have something in common: strong flavors. Especially vinegar, which is a component of mustard, ketchup and relish, as well as those hot pickled peppers which adorn Chicago style dogs. If you dress your dog German style, that means saurkraut, which is pickled cabbage. Vinegar, again. If you go for a more spicy dog, like a chili dog for instance, the chili is going to be the dominant flavor, along with onions and cheese. The dog—whatever it’s made of—will be buried in there somewhere. Chili for vegetarian dogs would be vegetarian chili which is every bit as hot and flavorful as chili made with meat. Again, the impact and what makes it good is usually the seasonings. For the aforementioned Chicago style dogs, they have pickle spears, mustard, pickle relish, and pickled hot peppers. Vinegar, with vinegar and a little bit of vinegar to go with your vinegar. 😉 It’s a wonder that hotdogs taste as good as they do!

I don’t mind that the soy weiners are a bit bland. With all that’s going on in various styles of hot dogs, you really don’t need a ton of flavor for the weiner. Really, in some ways, soy dogs make hot dogs really shine because the bun and the dog soak up flavors and provide an unobtrusive platform for whatever wild thing you may wish to dress your dog with. 🙂

For those of you who didn’t get it (which would be most of the population of the world), “Soy Dog Pondering” is a take on the name of the 80’s band, Poi Dog Pondering. (A quick look online indicates they’re still around). For those of you who got the pun in the title, “you’re welcome”. 🙂


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