Nutritional Yeast Sauce

buckwheat soba noodles with nutritional yeast sauceI have the best boyfriend ever – not only does he cook for me, but he doesn’t mind sharing his made-up homemade recipes.

The recipe for the sauce is easy.  I didn’t provide any measurements (mainly because the boyfriend eyeballs his measurements); however, I think the best way to cook this sauce is to add ingredients until it feels right.  As usual, you can substitute the oil, flour, and milk for your favourite varieties.

To begin, make a roux using coconut oil and buckwheat flour.  Add unsweetened almond milk to desired quantity.  Bring to a simmer.  Add nutritional yeast to desired consistency whilst stirring with a whisk.

For flavour add sundried tomatoes, crushed nori, and/or liquid smoke.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Pour over your favourite noodles.  Or use as a pizza sauce (we made mini pizzas on sprouted grain bread, toasted in the toaster over):


And when there is sauce leftover from the mini pizzas, the sauce is yummy on toast:

toast with nutritional yeast sauce

What are you going to top with your version of this sauce?


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