Amok Tea

This was originally written in 2010.

Remember that Star Trek episode “Amok Time” where Spock, in the grip of raging hormones, throws a bowl of green plomeek soup at Nurse Chapel? I was forcibly reminded of it just now when I attempted to make Matcha in the blender only to have the top blow off (twice) spraying me and the kitchen in hot green liquid.

Why, you may ask, were you attempting to make a big pot of matcha in the blender? Well, I got the idea because a friend had given me a vortex mug which was sort of a mini blender travel mug. I used it for hot chocolate mostly, but also experimented with making matcha with it; afterall matcha is green tea powder that has to be whipped to a froth in hot water so I figured the mug would be an easy way to whip it, whip it good (apologies to Devo). It did OK, but the result was still a little gritty and tended to coagulate in the bottom of the mug. Then the mug gave up the ghost (a loose connection probably, that I haven’t been able to track down). So I was left with a small bag of unused matcha.

There’s not much I can do with it unless I get a bamboo whisk and do the whole tea ceremony thing…or I make it up using a much bigger, more powerful blender. Today I finally got around to trying it. When it erupted the first time, sending a hot green geyser up and out, spattering other appliances and the wall (not to mention me, yelping), I thought that I just didn’t have the little do-hickey in the top fastened down well. So it was with great surprise that the whole lid blew off when I fired it up again. 😯 Perhaps I filled it too full.

I was thankful that green tea is prepared at less than boiling temperature, because otherwise I would’ve been scalded. As it was I had difficulty holding the lid onto the blender with my fingers being burned by liquid frothing up around the top, even with a towel over the top. Of course, by then the towel was already pretty wet from mopping up the plomeek soup..sorry…green tea. I only guestimated the amount of water and tea I put in and I may have made it too strong. It looks thick, sitting there on the counter in the blender, but the consistency and flavor are pretty good and there’s not much in the way of dregs (yet).

Now that I’ve had a couple of mugs, it’s cooled off a bit—and I’ve cleaned up the kitchen, I think I’ll take it for another spin. My contemporary matcha experiments, I think, are in that Star Trek spirit of  seeking out new things…of  boldly going…of…ducking for cover when the hot green liquid hits the wall. 😉


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