Braised Greens

braised greensIsn’t this a gorgeous picture?  Mustard greens, Swiss chard, and kale simmering in vegetable broth – you can even see the steam rising!  This was the first time I had tried braising greens and they were delicious!

If you are unfamiliar with braising, it is a method to cook leafy greens in a small amount of liquid for a longer period of time than you would usually cook greens.  The slower cooking makes the flavour of the greens come alive, as well as tenderising them.  And it is so easy to do:

Put greens of your choice in a skillet and add vegetable broth until the greens are almost covered.  Next, add your favourite spices or herbs (I used garlic, onion flakes, black pepper, and Herbamare).  Cover the skillet tightly and simmer for 10-20 minutes.  If you have put a lot of greens in the skillet, go for the full 20 minutes.  The greens should be tender.

I drain the broth from the greens, but you can be inventive and make a sauce from the leftover broth.

Over the weekend, I served this with mashed potatoes and Tofurky kielbasa sausages – quite a tasty side dish!  I  have also braised greens and mixed them with the Potatoes with Curry recipe posted earlier.  One more tasty way to eat your greens!


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