Armenian String Cheese!

Armenian String Cheese from Gh

Armenian String Cheese from Gharibian Farm, Carlstadt, NJ

When I go to downtown Houston I like to get Armenian string cheese at the downtown Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Despite the name it does not come from Armenia, but from Gharibian Farm in Carlstadt, NJ. It doesn’t say on the package what it’s seasoned with, but the Gharibian website confirmed my original suspicion that it’s red peppers and parsley. I first used it to supplement the mozzarella on pizza, but if you really want the full effect of the cheese use it as a substitute for all the mozzarella! It’s wonderful on the pizza! (If, in another life, you loved pepperoni pizza, this cheese will add some of that spiciness to a vegetarian pizza.) I also just loved the cheese itself: very spicy and a lot of fun to play with. It comes twisted, like a skein of yarn, but then I untwist it, pop one end loose and there are these amazing loooooooong loops of cheese, which separates into strands which could be separated into more strands. I love string cheese and this stuff tastes amazing. Look for this cheese at stores with a good selection of cheese…it makes the best spicy pizza cheese!